Organizers are hoping for 260 plus autos for the 13th Show ‘N Shine Saturday

Auto buffs to Show ‘N Shine Aug. 20

Ladysmith’s 13th Annual Show ’N Shine rolls into town Saturday, Aug. 20

It’s car buffs opportunity to shine!

Ladysmith’s 13th Annual Show ’N Shine rolls into town Saturday, Aug. 20, and First Avenue will be lined with every shape and size of automobile.

Summer is normally the time when car enthusiasts bring out their ‘pride-and-joy’ machines – “Their tucked-away for the winter toys; their ‘I don’t drive in the rain’ vehicles,” said Show ’N Shine Chair Duck Paterson.

Last year 175 cars rolled into town and parked on the Avenue, and from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. this year a similar collection of the most pampered vehicles on the Island and beyond will be on display.

“Ladysmith will be turned into a car enthusiast’s dream,” Paterson said.

In fact, organizers are hoping the car count will be even higher. Said Paterson, “Last year we had a three month drought and the only day we got any sign of rain was on the Show ’N Shine morning.

“Unfortunately that turned off quite a few cars coming down from the North Island”

This year he said the committee is determined to get the weather working, and attract at least 225 ‘vehicular works of art’ for everybody to appreciate.

“Potentially we have room for 260 vehicles and that would be huge, but our committee would be over the moon if we could get the 225 we’re hoping for.” Paterson said.

There will be live entertainment, food and a beer garden hosted by the Kinsmen in the Ladysmith library parking lot from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

The evening before the main event the Show ’N Shine participants will put on the annual Rod Run, leaving from the A&W at Oyster Sto-lo Road and Highway 1 and making their way to Chemainus and back.