The inaugural Nanaimo Beer Run is April 23. The event took place in several cities across Canada in 2016 including Toronto, as pictured above. Photo Contributed

Vancouver Island brews on tap during Nanaimo Beer Run

Inaugural Nanaimo Beer Run features samples from five Vancouver Island breweries

Chemainus’ Riot Brewing will be among those fueling runners at the inaugural Nanaimo Beer Run this weekend.

Dress up as a superhero, or whatever you want. Grab some friends, lace up your shoes. and sip beer.

That’s the premise of Canada Beer Run and the local 9.1-km event takes place on April 23 and departs from Longwood Brewery.

Event manager Guy Exley said it’s about enjoying beer, socializing and camaraderie.

“It’s not about the running. The running just gets you from beer to beer,” said Exley. “It’s about celebrating craft breweries.”

There are five beer stops along the route where runners can sip a six-ounce sample.

Five Vancouver Island breweries signed on to this year’s event: Longwood Brewery, Riot Brewing, Red Arrow Brewing, White Sails Brewing and Wolf Brewing Company.

Organized by inStride Event Management Inc., the alcohol-inspired events take place from Halifax to Toronto.

Nanaimo is the only city in western Canada to host a beer run event, according to organizers.

A maximum of 500 people can register and waves. The registration fee for the event is $65.

For more information, to register, visit

With files from Rachel Stern