Last Word for October 27, 2015

Get in your 15 Minutes of Infamy Sunday, Oct. 29 from 7 to 10 p.m. with readings at the Ladysmith Waterfront Gallery, 610 Oyster Bay Road.

Put electoral fairness ahead of politics

Justin Trudeau has a golden opportunity to bring a more democratic voting system to Canada.

ICBC settles on 5.5 per cent rate hike

Driving up the annual cost by more than $44 for the average driver.

Why is the Naqib an issue in a Canadian election?

Four more or less grown men spend arguing over an article of women’s clothing

Diabetes walk a fun event for young Kaleigh

Finding a cure for a condition that complicates their lives.

Please get this derelict vessel way from Ladysmith harbour

Continued existence of the disaster waiting to happen in our beautiful harbour

Issue Summary #10 – International Aid

Poverty reduction has been a main underlying principle in Canada’s Official Development Accountability Act,

Safety and security for Canadians

Stephen Harper’s Conservative government has placed the safety and security of Canadians at the top of its list of priorities.

Issue Summary #9 – Decriminalization of Marijuana

What steps would you and your party recommend with regard to the legalization, regulation and use of marijuana?

Save-On employees lose locks for the cure

Feeling a little light headed after having their heads shaved Wednesday, Sept. 30.

Staying course on environment not the answer for young vote

No surprise “many of the young people he’s hearing from intend to vote socialist or Green.”

Garden talk ideas offered year round

Most of the talks are delivered the third Thursday of each month

Syrian refugees sponsored

The Board of Ladysmith First United Church agreed to endorse the efforts of a local group to bring a Syrian family to Ladysmith.

Retirement Security needs to be there

Tom Mulcair and the NDP have a plan to make sure pensions, health care, housing and other services are there when seniors need them.

Mariners U12B Soccer Team – Tier III in the Mid-Island Association

Took time out from their Friday, Sept. 18, practice to sign a thank you card to Nored Developments

Issue Summary #7 – Infrastructure

Municipal and regional governments provide some of the most basic and essential services needed by citizens and businesses

Letters to the Editor for the Week of September 22

Why don’t we take action on derelict vessel issue ourselves

Canadians want change. They want real change.

This election is about the people with bills to pay and futures to plan.

Committing sociology is not a crime

Remember when Mr. Trudeau was accused of “committing sociology”

The Trans Pacific Partnership hurts us

A proposed international trade agreement between Canada and 11 other nations, is a bad deal for Canadians and deserves far more scrutiny.