Issue Summary #6 – Protecting Our Coasts

A jurisdictional tangle is making it impossible for anyone to take action when BC’s coastlines and harbours are threatened

Hunger awareness week is Sept. 21-25

Here in Ladysmith, over 300 people come for food for their families each week.

Saving Seeds for food security

Presentation September 17 - 7 p.m. See below for location & details

Minority government worked in the past

Minority governments by a single party are shaky at best; coalition governments can be quite stable.

The winning photo for August, as chosen by the Ladysmith Camera Club

Nadon took the photo at sunrise at the Nanaimo River estuary in January of this year.

Tax cuts are good for the economy

Prime Minister Stephen Harper and the Conservatives, they chose a proven route that provides incentives to businesses and individuals

Canada a top producer of commodities under Harper

Contrary to Liberal and NDP propaganda, Canada is not suffering

Election – Affordable childcare

The cost of childcare is breaking household budgets

Health care responses found wanting

RE: Federal Election 2015 candidates’ response to Health Care Issue-Summary

Statement on the federal election

The federal election campaign began August 2, 2015.

Water’s cheap at $2.25 a pool-full

Nestle pays a twoonie and a quarter for a million litres of our B.C. fresh water

How to balance truth, budgets

tTken out of context and used to ridicule Trudeau for thinking a budget will balance itself.

Where were you? Ladysmith Days organizers ask letter writer

The reality of public service at the municipal level is slings and arrows.

Why I’ve Gone Green

I have spent many years working as a documentary filmmaker and community advocate on environmental, social and democratic issues.

KidZArtBeat festival at Waterwheel Park

Most of the activities – with the exception of two workshops – were free.

Who owns Viki Lyne II

He might want to let the owner know that someone else is taking up residence on the vessel

Ladysmith 49ers bring home gold

A perfect game for Mason Lonsberry lead the way to a golden finish for the Ladysmith 49ers

Thanking the Town of Ladysmith for its support

Arts on the Avenue 2015 takes place Aug. 23 in Ladysmith

Chronicle Seniors

Students Helping Seniors Program is only in effect until Aug. 25

Good Bones showing at Waterfront Gallery

That’s only the beginning of the charm and scale of Good Bones, now on display at the Waterfront Gallery.