Rob Kernachan

Rob Kernchan’s editorial cartoon for September 2

Rob take on local happenings in Ladysmith, Chemainus and area

Editorial Cartoon for the Chronicle for August 26

Rob Kernachan's look at events and like in general in the Ladysmith Chemainus area.

Editorial Cartoon – Cougar sighting on Holland Creek Trail

Rob Kernchan's humorous look at local news in the Ladysmith and Chemainus areas

Editorial Cartoon for August 12

Rob Kernachan's view of life ink the Ladysmith and Chemainus area.

The Ladysmith Chronicle’s editorial cartoon for August 5

Editorial cartoonist Rob Kernachan's take on local happenings.

Rob Kernschan’s editorial cartoon for the Week of July 15

Rob Kernschan's illustrated commentary regarding the heat wave on on Vancouver Island

Rob Kernachan’s Take on local politics this week

"You can only sell what you grow on the property."

Rob Kernchan’s editorial cartoon for the week of June 17

No riots in Vancouver this year with Canucks missing the playoffs

Natural gas leak closes First Avenue…

Rob Kernachan's cartoon for June 10, 2014, takes a lighter look at the gas leak in downtown Ladysmith.

Unfortunately Bob’s grow op shows up on the garden tour

Rob Kernachan's cartoon for June 3, 2014, imagines a different scenario for the recent garden tour.