Ladysmith business network changing its format

Empowering women

The Ladysmith Women’s Business Network has been empowering local women of all generations and walks of life to pursue their dreams of commerce — whether as a home business owner or a career woman.


Network president Nikki MacCallum said the non-profit organization still continues to provide important opportunities for women to get out into the community.


“People will do business with people that they know and trust, and the only way to develop those relationships is something like this,” she said. “I run my own business and I know I wouldn’t be where I am today without networking.”


The Ladysmith Women’s Business Network holds once-a-month dinner meetings where they can meet with new members, learn from old members and benefit from speakers covering everything from travel to helping your business grow.


MacCallum said the LWBN appeals to business women of all skills and professional backgrounds.

“It’s social as well as networking,” MacCallum said.


“People say that a lot of it is for the camaraderie. Our group is really friendly because it is small, so you really get to know the other members.”


The network holds a silent auction every year to raise money to give back to the community. This year, money was given to the Haven Society in Nanaimo and last year, the ladies worked with the Ladysmith Resources Centre to raise funds to help get women back into the workforce.


“We helped outfit them with new clothes and a makeover,” MacCallum said.


The LBWN is now in the process of changing its format and is looking to members for their input.

“We’re going do a shift into making it a little more fun. So it’s really a fun-night-out type of meeting,” she said.


That could include alternating speakers with outings to local farms and recreational-type businesses.


MacCallum, owner of Nikki Designs, has been a part of the business network for three years.


She said she has seen a shift in the membership demographic as the network attracts new, younger members. Members range in age from 24 to 65 and there is plenty of room for more.


“We have about 24 members and we are always looking for new members, “ MacCallum said.

MacCallum said it’s important for women to know they don’t have to own a business to be a part of the fun.


“We have a lot of women who just work in the community,” she said.


“You may even be in between jobs and want to get ideas.”


For more information on becoming a part of the network, call Nikki MacCallum at 250-245-4238 or e-mail


You can also check out the organization’s group page on Facebook or website at