Restoring the Sportman in Ladysmith

Former owner repurchases pub

Dave Prakash has repurchased the Sportsman’s Pub and Ladysmith Inn and is ready to put in the work to restore the heritage building to the establishment’s former glory.


This, said Prakash, will mean cleaning inside and out, new exterior colours and reopening the kitchen.


“I have heard some negativity from people, that they don’t go in there,” said Prakash.


“We’ll improve everything. We’ll get the kitchen going,” said Prakash.


Prakash said he will be working with the chef from Chemainus’ Odika restaurant to get the kitchen and menu up and running.


Prakash said he understands there have been some negative connotations around the Sportsman’s Pub in the past, but he wants patrons to feel safe and comfortable.


“I want to run a clean operation, a safe operation,” he added.


There will still be some units in the building available for short-term rentals.


Prakash owned the pub from 2000 to 2007 when he sold it. At that time, he purchased the Green Lantern Pub in Chemainus.


“Within four years, the place has gone down a little bit.”


He gave a lot of thought to repurchasing the pub, and in the end he saw the potential in the pub and Ladysmith.


Ladysmith, Prakash added, has always been a very supportive town to work in and he is looking forward to the pub getting more involved in the community again.


“I am looking forward to working with the community. I will support any events,” said Prakash.


As for the outward appearance of the building, Prakash is thinking about green exterior with a black trim. Work, he said, may not begin until next spring.

One thing that won’t be changing is the name.



“That name has been here for a hundred years,” said Prakash. “We’ll leave it at that.”