Chuck and Josh pose in front of the Cesna 150 (Submitted photo)

Chuck Perrin and Josh Sikora still missed after 25 years

A memorial to Chuck Perrin and Josh Sikora in columns and letters

August 28, 2019 commemorates the 25th anniversary of the untimely death of Chuck Perrin and Josh Sikora. The two were travelling aboard a Cesnna 150 aircraft that crashed in the Rocky Mountains north of Calgary.

Their memory lives on through their family: Sasha Sikora, Naomi Sikora, Matthew Perrin, Ashleigh Perrin, Desiree Perrin, Kathy Bohach Perrin, Carol Cheal Perrin, Jean Klassin Perrin; Chuck’s partner, Diana Childs: their many friends, and extended families.

Memorials around Ladysmith to Chuck and Josh include: a bench at Transfer Beach amphitheatre, Chuck’s tree outside Pharmasave downtown, Josh’s tree outside the Royal Bank, the rainbow bench outside Pharmasave, and the Chuck Perrin Christmas tree outside Aggie hall.

Chuck founded the downtown Ladysmith Pharmasave in 1980, and was a regular contributor to the Chronicle, with a weekly medical advice column titled, “Under the Counter”. To honour the 25th anniversary of his passing, the Chronicle is republishing Chuck’s final three columns.

Two letters to the editor honouring Josh and Chuck from September 6, 1994 have also been included.

Chuck Perrin, Under the Counter, August 2, 1994

Insect bites are bothering many people right now. With the warm, dry weather we are enjoying, fleas and mosquitos are hatching in large numbers.

Flea bites usually occur in clusters of three or more and have small, but extremely itchy bumps. Mosquito bites are generally larger bumps and not as irritating. The best treatment is an application of an antihistamine cream as soon as possible. Antihistamines will help counteract the venom in the saliva of the flea or mosquito to reduce the itch.

Phenergan cream is the best antihistamine to use. This cream is also beneficial in controlling skin rash from stinging nettles. Phenergan cream is a must for your summer first aid kit. In severe cases of skin irritation from insect bites, an antihistamine taken internally may be required.

In severe cases, please check with your doctor or come in and discuss your case with us.

Chuck Perrin, Under the Counter, August 9, 1994

Bursitis is caused by inflammation of the fluid filled sacs that fill the spaces where muscles or tendons move over bones or other muscles, cushioning them so they can move without friction. These sacs can become inflamed through overuse, excessive pressure or a sharp blow to the area, causing pain and swelling.

Minor bursitis will often respond to rest and ice therapy, along with an anti-inflammatory such as aspirin or ibuprofen. More serious or long standing bursitis may require the intervention of a physician and use of steroids and physiotherapy. Your health is our concern at Ladysmith Downtown Pharmasave.

Chuck Perrin, Under the Counter, August 23, 1994

Scalp problems can range from mild cases of dandruff to severe scaling and itching. The diagnosis of the condition can be confusing. Is it dandruff, psoriasis or seborhea?

The treatment of all three conditions are similar. Some cases require the use of stronger products. I prefer the person to start with a mild preparation and work up to stronger formulas if necessary. The correct application is important for all medicated shampoos. Moisten the scalp and massage one or two teaspoonfuls into the hair for 3 to 5 minutes, rinse out, and reapply another teaspoonful for a further 3 to 5 minutes.

After rinsing the hair with clean water a final rinse with 2 oz. of vinegar and 6 oz. of water helps the scalp. If you require help with a scalp problem, come and talk to us.

Chuck Really Cared – By Beth Stewart, September 6, 1994

I grew up in the back of a drug store. How clearly I remember my dad getting out of bed at 4 a.m. to mix up an ointment for an ailing, country child. Drugstores were mysterious, magical places then; places where often you were healed with kind, caring words, rather than the pills dispensed.

Today, when you enter a drugstore, you are often greeted with rude surveillance gadgets and gates, huge displays of thongs, or food aisles so large you are exhausted by the time you reach the pharmacy and are told to get in line to have your prescription filled.

Yes, times have changed; but some few things remain the same. After arriving in Ladysmith in 1990, I was diagnosed with a sever illness which plagued me for three years. A key member of my support team was Chuck Perrin.

He really cared. During my worst times, he’d stop in his busy day and ask me how it was going. He responded to my impatience with patience. He listened to my endless questions and encouraged me onward. My step was always lighter when I left his store.

Chuck’s untimely death must not pass without recognition of a man who, in the old tradition, truly made our community a better place to be.

Good-Bye Josh – By Amber Lynch, Septmber 6 1994

A barrel of sorrow, now it is


but his spirit, I’m sure, will

always be near.

We might sometime, shed

many tears,

and even surface some of

our worst fears.

It may seem strange, for

quite a long time,

but at least he’s not gone

from an irresponsible crime.

We make ourselves think

that he just moved away,

but we will never see him again

not for one day.

Now he is gone, and I’ve

said good-bye,

though I’ll never understand

why he was chosen to die.

Good-Bye Josh.

This poem is dedicated to Josh Sikora

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