Do you know someone who stands out in community?

Who do you know who’s done great things for your community in the last year?

Who do you know who’s done great things for your community in the last year?

If a name is jumping out at you, then head to your computer right now and go to, where you will find instructions on how to nominate your choice for the 2016 BC Community Achievement awards.

“British Columbia’s communities are shaped by the people who live in them, and especially by contributions of extraordinary individuals,” says BCCAA overview.

“The British Columbia Community Achievement Awards celebrate British Columbians who go above and beyond in their dedication and service to others and who devote time and energy to making their communities more caring, dynamic, beautiful, healthy, and unique. They inspire by their example.”

Nominees can be volunteers, or anyone who has made an outstanding contribution to the community in the course of their work.

They can be exceptional people in the realms of: sports and recreation, arts and culture, environment, multiculturalism, healthcare, education, civic duty, business innovation, community volunteerism, and youth or seniors’ leadership.

“However, neither the nominations nor the awards are limited to these suggested categories,” says the BCCAA web site’s description.

To nominate go to the online nomination form, or download the form from a link on the information page on the B.C. Achievement Foundation web site.

As nominator you will have to pen a letter of up to 500 words, and find two other individuals or organizations that describe the “value and impact of the contributions of the individual.”

Winners will be recognized at the BC Community Achievement Awards in the spring of 2016, where recipients will receive the BC Community Achievement Medallion.

Deadline for 2016 nominations is Jan 15. However, nominations will be held and considered by BCCAA for up to three years, and can be updated by nominators during that period.