Extra $40,000 for Ladysmith Spirit Square

Money freed up thanks to savings

Ladysmith’s Spirit Square is getting a $40,000 injection.


Cheaper-than-expected materials needed to stabilize the amphitheatre bank means the town can shift that savings to complete tiering in the southeast corner, adding sprinklers and adding plants.


While the savings could be added to other places, many felt something needed to be done with the remaining portion of the square, considering its profile and the amount of capital already put in.


Work on the rest of the amphitheatre bank will have to wait as fisheries only allows work to be done in certain windows.


City manager Ruth Malli stated that both projects will be completed.


Coun. Scott Bastian is pleased to see the saved money going to the Spirit Square.


“To be able to finish off that little section, into what we’d like to, I think it would make it look that much more presentable,” said Bastian.


Bastian said he expects some people may want to see the savings spent elsewhere, but says the final additions to the spirit square will really complete the project.


“There’s always other areas that we could spend the money and that will be criticized.”


The town’s contribution for the square currently sits at just under $600,000.


The motion to move the money was approved with Coun. Lori Evans opposed.