Ladysmith arts council – West Coast Dreamscapes

Most of us here on Vancouver Island are smug about living on the west coast.

Most of us here on Vancouver Island are smug about living on the west coast.  We may flit to other locales throughout the year, but we are quick to return to our fog and rain in the winter, and our sun and arbutus-danced beaches in the summer.  It is in fact the land of many people’s dreams.  What could be more tempting than the lush smell of the salt air, the glitter of sunbeams off the water, and the glow of phosphorescence in the night’s tides?

This is your time to bring that vision, that west coast glory to reality on the canvas, in the studio, and finally, to the gallery – intake for art is June 2 and 3rd.  The Ladysmith Arts Council and Waterfront Gallery is eager to see what you – yes you, have created.  The LAC encourages emerging artists to share their dreamscapes with the rest of the community.  It is through gentle nurturing that the artist in you can emerge with this nurturance of your craft.  And also, all of the professional artists out there are more than welcome as well to share their dreams and west coast desires.

Who better to lead this adventure than guest speaker and Tsimshian artist, Dorothy Jarvis.  Dorothy Jarvis was born and raised in Prince Rupert, BC and has been painting in oils for over twenty years.  Dorothy’s style is rich in history with a signature color palette that feels as though you are in the mist and the fog of the northern villages.

Her grandparents and mother was Tsimshian, from the Village of Port Simpson, members of the Lax Kw Alaams Band, Gitwilgyoots Tribe.  She is deeply moved by scenes of Aboriginal life and the spirits of the great totem poles.   Dorothy will share her artful and soulful journey into her art on opening night.


Please join us for an opening night worthy of the west coast spirit that islanders all call home.  Festivities start at 7 pm on June 6 at the Ladysmith Waterfront Gallery.  All are welcome.