Making buddies easy at Crofton Elementary

The students at Crofton Elementary School are concerned for one another

Pirjo RaitsThe Chronicle

The students at Crofton Elementary School are concerned for one another. They work to encourage friendships and curb bullying behaviour. Just recently the students in kindergarten and Grade one, under teacher Phaedra Fairwell, finished designing and building two Buddy Benches. The benches are a safe haven for kids. They are the place where a student can sit if they are seeking a new play mate.

Back in January the students wrote a letter and sent a video to Home Depot asking for their help to get the supplies they would need to build and paint the benches. Home Depot happily donated $100 and a Home Depot employee gave wood he purchased with his own pay cheque.

With guidance from a couple of dads, the project came together. The students painted and decorated the colorful benches.

Why are these benches important? The students had this to say:

“When you sit on it someone will come get you to play,” said Aliya, age 6.

“Because you can make new friends,” said Monica age 7.

“To stop people to be bullied,” said Oakley age 7.

“When you sit on the bench you make new friends,” Connor, age 7.

“People sit on the bench because it’s good,” said Lydia, age 6.

Six-year-old Emma said it best, “To get friends you need to be a friend first.”

“We are really grateful for the community support,” said Farewell.