Ladysmith Ambassador Maya Williams-Murphy

Ladysmith Ambassador Maya Williams-Murphy

New Ambassadors coronation April 30

At a speech and talent night event April 13 at Ladysmith Secondary School

The Ambassadors’ crowns are about to be passed on to a new ‘royal’ trio April 30, and at a speech and talent night event April 13 at Ladysmith Secondary School the new hopefuls put themselves on the line; while the three incumbents said thanks and farewell.

Ambassador Maya Williams-Murphy, and Vice Ambassadors Megan Leslie and Kelsey Primrose shared their thoughts and feelings about what their year in the limelight has been like in a co-written speech.

Here’s what they said:

As our year, as Ladysmith’s Ambassadors, comes to a close we would like to extend our thanks to the Ladysmith Ambassador Program for presenting us with this amazing opportunity.

Through this program we have grown as individuals and as team members. In our past year we have enjoyed travelling throughout British Columbia to attend different pageants, and have made wonderful friendships with other royalty.

At these out of town events we have had the honour of representing the town of Ladysmith and welcoming others to come explore our wonderful community.

We also wish to thank the Town of Ladysmith and all it’s citizens for welcoming us with open arms. Within Ladysmith, we have attended countless events, helping us to appreciate the supportive community members who keep everything running, and everything that the town has to offer.

We have also had the opportunity to watch the candidates grow into the confident individuals that they are today. It’s amazing to think that just last year we were in the exact same place as them. We wish them the best of luck this evening and with their future endeavours.

We are ecstatic for our successors as we are certain that they have the most amazing year ahead of them.

The Chronicle will carry coverage of the Ambassadors’ coronation event in our May 4 edition.