Nominations for Golden Brush Awards will close on Nov. 1

The Chemainus and District Chamber of Commerce is calling for your nomination for the Golden Brush Awards by Nov. 1.

It’s that time of year again, when you get to vote on businesses and individuals who have made a difference in your community. The Chemainus and District Chamber of Commerce is calling for your nomination for the Golden Brush Awards by Nov. 1.

You can find nomination forms at the Chamber of Commerce office or online at You could also win a prize for nominating someone.

The Golden Brush Awards happen once per year, and they recognize businesses, individuals and volunteers who make a difference in their business community.

“The awards are really to recognize people who’ve done something special, particularly in the business community, people who’ve contributed to the community and made things better,” said Jeanne Ross, co-ordinator of the Chemainus and District Chamber of Commerce. “It could be for an achievement, or a business that has really increased or prospered.”

There are 10 awards in all, nine of which are voted on by the community. The President’s Award is awarded by the Chamber to a business or individual of the Chamber’s choosing.

There is also a Good Neighbour Award, explains Ross.

“The Good Neighbour Award is for businesses who especially cater to local shoppers and residents of Chemainus,” she said.

This is a way to recognize businesses that keep their focus local, since Chemainus and area are tourist destinations and the focus is often on tourists for that season.

“Once we get all (nine) nominations in, they get sorted out and sent to a panel of judges that varies from year to year, people who aren’t nominated, but are in Chemainus and District. (The judges) go through and decide the top three to four in each category. These are sent to Chamber members, and then the members select which one of the three or four they want to win,” said Ross.

According to Ross, past award winners have been really happy.

“It really makes you feel good that people recognize you for doing a good job,” she said.

You are allowed to nominate as many businesses and individuals as you want, and each time you nominate, your name is entered in a draw to win a prize. Last year’s prize was a weekend getaway in Victoria.

In past years, the Chamber has received up to 300 nominations per year for the awards.

Winners are announced at the Golden Brush Awards Ceremony, which will be held at the Chemainus Seniors Drop In Centre on Willow Street Saturday, Nov. 29. The ceremony is open to the public, and tickets will be on sale at the Chamber  once nominations have closed on Nov. 1.