Plan your wedding with help from Ladysmith’s friendly business owners

Planning or attending a wedding or bridal shower in 2012? You don't have to look farther than Ladysmith to find what you need.

Is 2012 your wedding year?

You don’t have to look very far to find what you need to make your special day extraordinary, and you’ll get helpful, friendly service that makes your wedding shopping experience so much sweeter.

Business owners in Ladysmith carry a wide selection of products and offer a variety of services to help make your wedding day one you will remember forever.

Have you picked out your rings yet? Find the perfect ring with help from one of our local jewellers.

Are you looking for a venue? We have many churches, halls and rooms to fit your wedding’s theme, style and size, and there are many gorgeous outdoor areas that are perfect for a wedding.

Once you’ve chosen your venue, you’ll find all kinds of wonderful items to help you decorate in town — including your flowers.

Get your invitations professionally printed and find favours for your guests from many of the local store owners who are more than happy to help you find exactly what you are looking for.

You need to feed your guests, so whether it’s cake, wine or food, look no further than Ladysmith. We have a number of caterers, bakers, restaurants and grocers who can provide delicious food to keep you and your guests happy and well-fed.

Feel like getting pampered? Get your hair done, relax with a massage, visit an esthetician for those perfect touch-ups and buy your makeup right in town.

And don’t forget that all-important piece of paper — the marriage licence. You can pick one up at the Ladysmith Chamber of Commerce office on First Avenue.

Most of all, remember to take time to savour the planning of your big day, because when the big day comes, it will go by faster than you think! As long as you have your best friend by your side, everything else is just icing on the wedding cake of life.


Attending a wedding or bridal shower? You’ll find lots of great gift ideas, wrapping paper and cards all across town.