Annette Turner and her daughter Rita Donohoe at the counter of Rita’s Apron (Cole Schisler photo)

Annette Turner and her daughter Rita Donohoe at the counter of Rita’s Apron (Cole Schisler photo)

Rita’s Apron celebrates one-year anniversary of business in Ladysmith

Rita’s Apron specializes in pot pies, soups, and other baked goods

Rita Donohoe, owner of Rita’s Apron on 1st Avenue in Ladysmith is celebrating the one-year anniversary of her business.

Rita’s Apron, at 720 1st Avenue is a business that specializes in take home pies, soups, and deserts, as well as organic jams and canned goods.

For those who haven’t been to Rita’s Apron before, Donohoe said the one thing they need to try is her famous pot pies. She also supplies soups for the cafe at 49th Parallel Grocer.

Donohoe started the commercial retail at Coco Cafe in Cedar, and branched out to pursue her dream of owning her own business.

“I started out at the North Oyster Community Hall. I was renting the kitchen there, and finishing work at Coco’s. I’d do my thing – I’d go to the Sunday markets. A lot of my customers were from Ladysmith, so as we kept going we found this spot – we got it – and here I am one-year later,” Donohoe said.

To celebrate her anniversary, Donohoe opened her doors Wednesday morning with free coffee and baked goods for customers.

In her second year, Donohoe wants to focus on keeping up with customer demand. Products sell out quickly, and it’s a challenge for her and her one employee to keep up.

Donohoe’s mother, Annette Turner said it’s great to see her daughter living her dreams.

“I help her whenever I can,” Turner said.

Donohoe and her husband have a farm at the home in Cassidy with numerous fruit trees, and a large garden. Turner, who turns 86 in April, helps out regularly in the garden.

As she reflected on her first year in business, Donohoe expressed gratitude for the people of Ladysmith for helping make her dreams a reality.

“I want to thank all my customers for the last year – for coming in, and supporting me – a big huge thank you to everyone,” Donohoe said.