Saltair Water committee

“To create a voice for our community about the potable water in the Saltair water system”

Saltair residents have formed a Water Advisory Committee for Area G of the Cowichan Valley Regional District “to create a voice for our community about the potable water in the Saltair water system,” says a Nov. 30 release submitted by Jim Whittaker.

“The Saltair Water Advisory Committee (SWAC) will be working to investigate, analyze and make recommendations based on communication and collaboration with the Saltair community, the CVRD staff and other community groups.”

Areas of concern for SWAC include Saltair’s aging water infrastructure, the Stocking Lake watershed, communications between Saltair and the CVRD, and provincial legislation in a Water Sustainability Act to be considered in 2016.

“In the future SWAC is planning to co-host a town hall meeting with CVRD staff,” says the release.

“After that meeting we plan to create a Water Expo to help educate the Saltair community  to water saving options, which will help Saltair conserve water as our climate changes.”

The release recaps some of the recent issues that have affected Saltair residents with regard to water supply and usage.

“As a community, we have been through water breaks, a petition to increase property taxes to repair the ageing water pipes, water restrictions, and other water related questions by the community,” says the release.

“SWAC aims to create a forum for dialogue within our community.”

Saltair is in Phase 3 of a CVRD program to upgrade water supply infrastructure to the area. That program includes work between Branksome Road and Linton Circle, which has been delayed due to the discovery of a midden under Lagoon Bridge.

You can contact the committee by emailing