Where are you getting your information from regarding the Bible?

Points to Ponder: Column by Pastor Edgar Unrau of Calvary Baptist Church in Chemainus

Where are you getting your information from regarding the Bible?

The TV show Bones has an interesting dynamic between its two main characters, the very intelligent forensic scientist and the commonsense FBI agent.

The FBI agent claims to have some faith in God. The scientist does not. This sets the stage for various conversations about the existence of God and how God functions in the world.

Recently, I was listening to a CBC interview which briefly weaved in the topic of Christianity.  The interviewee spoke assertively about the Bible and how God functions. For those brief seconds, he held the platform as an “expert” and spokesperson for Christianity.

I recently heard a song playing while in a coffee shop, a calm, easy-to-listen-to type of tune.  As I listened to the words, the singer made the statement, “And Jesus was a sinner …”  If someone has even a minimal amount of knowledge about Jesus, they would recognize the significance of such a statement.

All three situations make me wonder where people get their information from regarding God, the Bible and Christianity.

I’ve studied the Bible for many years, and in all three scenarios, I described — the TV show, the CBC interview and the song in the coffee shop — the people involved displayed a lack of Biblical knowledge. Their information was wrong. What they said was not actually what the Bible says. Yet for those brief moments, they were given a platform as “experts” on the Bible and Christianity.

So, I am here to plead with you. Please don’t get your information on the important topic of God from TV shows, the CBC or songs. Check out the Bible for yourself.

Talk to a minister (most of us are easy to talk to — we are ordinary, flawed people). There are several good churches in our area. Some provide seminars on foundational Christian beliefs. Get your information from well-informed sources.

If what the Bible says is real, or if what it says is not real, it is too important to base your information about it on a few people in the entertainment industry.

And let me just add that there are some in the church that do a very poor job of representing what the Bible says.

I am often embarrassed by some of the “preachers” on TV, and I am often saddened by what some Christians are promoting as “The Good News of Jesus.” This is why I encourage you to not write off the claims of the Bible too quickly.

Give yourself some time to investigate who God is. God is worth even more than the effort you put into exploring.