Victoria vocalist and band leader Cynthia Davis performs with Swing That Thing this Sunday as part of the Concerts in the Park series in Ladysmith.

Victoria vocalist and band leader Cynthia Davis performs with Swing That Thing this Sunday as part of the Concerts in the Park series in Ladysmith.

Cynthia Davis swings into Ladysmith

Victoria's Cynthia Davis and Swing That Thing will entertain this Sunday during Concerts in the Park.

Cynthia Davis loves working with the public, and as a professional singer, she feels lucky to get to just that on a regular basis.

This year, the jazz and blues vocalist and band leader from Victoria is celebrating her 10th year as a professional singer.

Over those 10 years, Davis has found that she loves all-ages, outdoor shows, and she is looking forward to playing one of those shows this Sunday (July 28) at Transfer Beach with Swing That Thing as part of the Ladysmith Resources Centre Association’s Concerts in the Park series.

Earlier in her career, Davis was in bands that performed at weddings — “more middle-of-the-road rock,” she says — and 10 years ago, she started performing as a duo, trio, quartet and full band at a wide range of events and celebrations.

She became interested in singing jazz, blues and swing, and she hasn’t looked back.

Davis says she sings a lot of swing tunes, and these days, she performs a lot of country swing.

“I absolutely love swing,” she said. “It gives everyone joy. It’s pretty much all-ages, and it’s up-tempo and usually fun, cute lyrics. Some of the golden oldies have beautiful melodies and beautiful words. I love to sing jazz and blues and other styles too, but I really love to sing swing tunes — it’s a natural for me.”

Davis says both her parents were very musical and sang often, especially in the car, where everyone joined in. She became interested in jazz music as a young teen.

“I was really entranced with it when I was about 12 because my aunt introduced it to me,” she said. “She played and sang the coolest jazzy-swing and boogie-woogie music I’d ever heard, and I knew I wanted to sing like that when I grew up. She was my coolest auntie; I just adored her.”

Davis says she has always been a creative person, and she always loved putting on fashion shows and entertaining people when she was younger.

“I’ve always enjoyed meeting people and entertaining the public,” she said. “I really enjoy working with the public. One of my favourite parts of being a singer is chit-chatting with my audience.”

Davis says she loves working with the public and she loves entertaining them.

“I enjoy being up there and having the thrill of being on stage and the opportunity, which is a wonderful opportunity,” she said. “Sometimes it can be terrifying, but I’ve grown into being more comfortable over the years.”

Davis played Transfer Beach about two years ago, and she is really excited to be back in Ladysmith.

“I play as many all-ages outdoor venues as I can,” she said. “That’s my favourite kind of show. A family event is what I like to do — although I’m not a children’s entertainer, but I love the all-ages vibe.”

Over the years, whether she’s been playing jazz, blues or swing, Davis says she has been invited back repeatedly wherever she’s played, and she’s very honoured and happy about this.

“I’m quite pleased about that – I think it speaks a lot about us as a group,” she said. “There are so many talented groups out there; to be invited back is an honour.”

This Sunday, Cynthia Davis and Swing That Thing — Thomas Kinzell on keyboard, Al Eskelson on guitar and Charlie Wade on drums — will perform from 6-8 p.m. at the Transfer Beach Amphitheatre. There is no admission charge, but volunteers will be coming around to collect donations, and every cent raised at the concert goes to the Ladysmith Resources Centre Association to provide services and programs to the community.