Sean Sherstone says with Citrus Gigas

Sean Sherstone says with Citrus Gigas

Ladysmith photographer Sean Sherstone wanted to make a statement with latest work

Sherry Bezanson tells us about Sean Sherstone's Citrus Gigas, which is part of the Ladysmith Waterfront Gallery's latest show.

On the opposing wall to Dennis Brown’s magnificent 18-by-10-foot abstract painting, Sean Sherstone’s Citrus Gigas is a the notable piece of work in the current show, Size Matters, at the Ladysmith Waterfront Gallery.

With the dimensions of four feet-by-four feet, Sherstone’s photo images of lemon, lime, orange and grapefruit have been digitally enhanced and framed on wood panels.

The research on the framing process itself took as long as the creation of the images.

Sherstone wanted to make a statement, taking something from everyday life and making it larger than life. He also wanted to create a look of simplicity with this recent work. He envisioned the citrus fruits being cut on the cutting board and decided to put the images on wood panels. However, mounting watercolour paper to wood is non-traditional because the wood is acidic and would eventually deteriorate the condition of the paper. After an extensive bit of research, Sherstone found a method that would protect the paper: using artist medium to isolate the paper from the wood. Then, using three coats of ultra-violet varnish provided the satin finish for which he was looking.

Sherstone has been showing his photography work on the Island for approximately 10 years. He was active in the Harbour City Photography Club and won several awards in local shows. He is photographically inspired by Eddie Adams, a Pulitzer Prize-winning Korean War combat photographer. Artistically, Sherstone is inspired by renowned Dutch artist Rembrandt because of the realistic way he painted light.

With this show, Sherstone was inspired to do something non-traditional. He is motivated by simplicity and seeing the hidden in everyday life. The images are four to a block of each citrus fruit, making 16 panels in total. The colours are rich and subtle at the same time. The panels can be bought individually or as the full set of 16.

The Ladysmith Waterfront Gallery at 610 Oyster Bay Dr. is open Tuesday to Sunday from noon to 4 p.m. for the winter months. Size Matters, the current show, will be on display until Nov. 24. For more information, click here.