Ladysmith Secondary hosts hilarious Improvable XIX

Ladysmith Secondary hosts hilarious Improvable XIX

By Janet Leblanc

For the 19th consecutive season, Ladysmith Secondary will be hosting Improv shows once again.

Start saying “Yes” to adventure by joining in for a once in a lifetime show, guaranteed to make you fall off your chair laughing!

Improv is an escape from reality into a new world full of comedy and fun. It is improvisation on the spot, right in front of your eyes! Whether it’s a scene of chaos or happiness, it all plays out perfectly, even if it’s unplanned, because in Improv everything is right! The only purpose of Improv at Ladysmith Secondary is to have fun.

Students often find a sense of belonging in the drama department. “There was no weird,” Sabrena de Wit, a current performer, explains how it felt when she first joined Improv.

Last month, Ladysmith’s improvisers were invited to Improv Camp, located on Thetis Island, where they practiced their skills, and became closer together as an Improv family!

From September to November all the improvisers work their hardest to prepare for the upcoming shows. With practices every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, each and every performer is honing their skills to become expert improvisers.

Not only has Ladysmith Secondary’s drama department provided phenomenal entertainment to its community, but it has developed some pretty talented people as well. Make sure to watch out for LSS Improv alumni such as Michelle Mylett in “Letterkenny,” a sitcom on the Comedy Network, and Kayla Lorette in “That’s So Weird,” a YTV production.

Ladysmith Secondary also participates in a competitive version of Improv at the Canadian Improv Games. All throughout Canada, schools send their best students to this event. It is a fantastic way to meet other great improvisers, and earn a chance at being #1 in the country!

“Educational and friendly,” Ruth Anderson, a present performer, and upcoming graduate, states about the games.

Join in on a fun new world of creativity and imagination by attending Ladysmith Secondary’s “Improvable XIX,” showing November 23, 24, and 25. Doors open at 6:30 p.m., show starts at 7:00 p.m.

Jonah Forster, a fellow graduate and past performer, said the shows are “fun, approachable, and fantastic.”

Make sure to bring a mind full of fun, because not only do the improvisers entertain, but the audience does as well! Maybe you will have a great idea for a unique setting that the actors will have to bring to life? Maybe you will be that lucky someone that gets picked to be an onstage performer for a show? I guess you’ll have to find out!

Find us on 6th Avenue, right next door to Frank Jameson Community Center. See you there!

Tickets can be bought in advance from Ladysmith Secondary or Salamander Books.

Students – $8/ticket

Adults – $10/ticket

*All tickets purchased include the show as well as dessert (pie) and a choice of coffee or tea.

At a theatrical level, everybody has a chance to shine and be in the spotlight! The only limit is your imagination.

I like to say… “Once an improviser, always an improviser.”

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