Warren Baker is showing his paintings in the March art show at the Ladysmith Waterfront Gallery

Warren Baker is showing his paintings in the March art show at the Ladysmith Waterfront Gallery

March art show explores shapes and patterns

The theme of the latest Ladysmith Waterfront Gallery art show is Spheres, Cubes and Spirals. It runs until March 31.

Common patterns and shapes are taking an artistic turn this month at the Ladysmith Waterfront Gallery.

The theme for the March art show at the Ladysmith Waterfront Gallery is Spheres, Cubes and Spirals, and the show, which runs until March 31, features artists’ interpretations of shapes and patterns.

“Sacred geometry can be found everywhere in the world around us,” states the show’s promotional material. “Since the time of the ancient Egyptian pyramids, man has been creating architecture based in forms found in sacred geometry. There are patterns in nature as well. The world and the universe around us are filled with sacred geometry. From seashells to the human body, from the cosmos to the atom, all forms are permeated with the shapes found in sacred geometry.”

Warren Baker of Chemainus is taking part in his first show as a member of the Ladysmith and District Arts Council. Baker is a new member of the arts council.

“I’m interested in the art that’s happening around here and being inspired by the space and by theĀ  other work that is being done,” he said.

Baker has been a professional artists for many years and has had a lifelong interest in art.

He saw taking part in this show as an opportunity to get involved in the arts council more fully than just attending a show.

“I was interested in the people who are here and the work that was going in, and this particular show is an opportunity to be involved,” he said. “I think there is a lot of strong art being done, and I thought it would be good to get into that.”

Baker feels that he has stretched the boundaries of the Spheres, Cubes and Spirals theme a little bit because he wanted to be involved in the show, and he wanted to include work that was current. Spheres could be seen in the grapes in a painting of Naramata, while spirals can be found in some of Baker’s paintings of trees, but the connections to the theme are subtle.

“There are small indicators that there is something happening in that way, but it’s in no way overt,” said Baker. “The theme does interest me, and I really enjoy how other people have related to the theme.”

Kathy Holmes, president of the Ladysmith and District Arts Council, says this show is very well represented.

“We have a really eclectic group of paintings, and I think they’re absolutely gorgeous,” she said. “We have several new artists who are new to the gallery, and the quality is excellent. It’s a beautiful show.”

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