Murray Atkinson

Murray Atkinson

Odds guitarist teaching talents

Learning to play guitar in Ladysmith just got a bit more technical.

Murray Atkinson, a musician with the Odds and a homegrown Ladysmith boy, just moved back to offer lessons and the recording of those lessons.

“It’s a good way to have an honest playback and hear what you have to work on,” he said adding it helps students progress faster.

Atkinson is teaching private lessons for beginners to advanced from age 7 and up.

“No experience necessary,” he said, adding it’s great teaching students with no bad habits already.

“Get them fresh. It makes the whole experience of learning guitar better when you establish good habits from the start.”

The recording is done with a microphone hooked up to the computer.

“It’s a simple set up but it makes really good quality recordings.”

He said recording the lessons serves many purposes, including improving the student and preserving the moment.

“It’s an anthology of the kid’s progress.”

He explained when he first started recording his playing really took off and got much better.

“It takes it to the next level of mastering a song,” he said. “You become a critic of yourself.”

Atkinson said he believes he’s the only teacher on the Island offering recording. He also taught when he lived in Vancouver.

He said Ladysmith is so chock full of talent he wants to help harness it.

“Give them the opportunity and you never know what they’ll make of it,” he said.

He said the recording sets a musician above the rest.

“It takes you to a level not a lot go to,” he said. “You’re stepping into the professional level.”

He said he’s excited to bring the classes into Ladysmith.

“I want to inspire kids, show them it’s possible,” he said. “I want to encourage a lot of creativity to kids who might otherwise never dream they could do it.”

For more information on the lessons contact Atkinson at 250-924-8502.