Roleplay a real riot

When everything is spiralling out of control, the audience gets the biggest laugh.And that’s true for Ladysmith Little Theatre’s production of Roleplay.Directed by Susan McChesney, the Alan Ayckbourn play is on a Canadian stage for the first time in Ladysmith.The story centres around a posh Londoner, Justin Lazenby, and his new fiancee, Julie Ann Jobson, and their family dinner gone awry.Roleplay treats the audience to dark humour, uproarious situations and old-school slapstick.Lazenby, played by Alyxandar Szasz-Nicholson, is hilarious as the randy computer geek.As the engaged couple prepares to announce their upcoming nuptials to her conservative parents and his inebriate mother, unexpected guests drop in — literally.Penthouse resident, Paige Petite, played by Maureen Molyneaux, falls onto Lazenby’s balcony trying to escape her abusive boyfriend.She’s quickly followed by ex-boxer turned security guard, Micky Rale, played by Torry Clark.Jobson, portrayed loudly by Lauren Semple, is probably the most stand-out of the cast — she is loud, abrasive and high maintenance, all in a good way.Other notable mentions go to brother-and-sister team, Jan Leslie and Mike Hepples, playing Jobson’s parents.They were stuffy, smug and had just the right amount of close-mindedness.Arabella Lazenby, Carol Steward, was forgetful, at times cruel, and always drunk — all for the audience’s benefit.As the play is set in London, the cast and crew have included a glossary of some of lesser-known British slang for theatre-goers.Go for the laughs, the beautiful set and the upbeat and appropriate music.Roleplay runs until March 27. Tickets are $20 and members $18. For more information call the box office at 250-924-0658 or go to