The Chemainus Opry is back

Bluegrass Fever and Corner Grass will perform during the Chemainus Opry Sat., Nov. 24 at Mount Brenton Golf Club.

Bluegrass Fever

Bluegrass Fever

Last April, the Chemainus Opry played to a full house at the Mount Brenton Golf Club.

And the Opry will be back Sat., Nov. 24, once more featuring two bands. For this edition of the Opry, the bands will be Bluegrass Fever and Corner Grass.

The cost of admission will remain low at just $12 per person, and licensed dining will be available. The music starts at 7 p.m.

Advance tickets are available at the clubhouse. With last April’s completely full house, it might be a good idea to purchase tickets ahead of time for this edition of the Opry.

Music fans will be treated to some great entertainment at the clubhouse.

The Corner Grass band features guitarist Clarence Boudreau, who has played with some outstanding musicians during his career, including Vassar Clements, Mark O’Connor and Dave Grisman. As well as being a talented guitarist, Boudreau is also an award-winning fiddler. The upright bassist in the band is Luann Burton, whose wonderful songwriting and vocal talents will be featured. The fiddler is Jim Sadlish. At one time, he was an established orchestral violinist, but these days, he prefers the spontaneity and creativity afforded by bluegrass music.

Bluegrass Fever is proud to present mandolinist Jeff Ellis. Originally from Moneta, Va., Ellis was born into a musical family. His father Ricky is a five-time world champion mandolin player. Starting at the age of 13, Ellis began learning the acoustic bass, followed by mandolin, guitar, banjo and fiddle. Over the years, he has played with several notable bands, including David Parmley and Continental Divide (where he travelled extensively with this ground-breaking group) and Marty Raybon (of country super group Shenendoah fame). Bluegrass Fever’s banjo player is Barrie Hemmings, one of the top exponents of bluegrass banjo on the Island. Hemmings is the sole remaining member from the original, Ontario-based Bluegrass Fever band. The group is completed by a couple of players well-known on the Vancouver Island music scene, Guy Langlois on upright bass and Bob Johns on guitar.

The show will include plenty of great music from this talented collection of musicians, along with the usual humour and entertainment featured at these concerts.

Get your tickets early, and don’t miss the show.

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