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Birthday date was lucky day for B.C. winner of new car

17 a magic date for Angela Skingsley

It was on the 17th of March, Angela Skingsley's lucky date.

Born on the 17th of November, the long-time Langley City resident, a 72-year-old mother of two daughters and one son, and grandparent of one grandson, has come to associate the date with good things happening.

March 17, St, Patrick's Day, Skingsley brought two free coffees she'd just won from the chain's roll-up-the-rim contest, along with some treats, for a visit with her sister in Surrey.

Skingsley told the Langley Advance Times she often goes to Tim Hortons because her grandson likes the crispy chicken sandwich.

When she remembered to check the cups, at first she couldn't believe what she was seeing.

"I thought, oh, wait a minute. I haven't rolled up the rim," Skingsley recalled.

"So I rolled up the first one and it says, congratulations."

According to the text, she'd won more than a coffee. Her prize was a 2024 Volkswagen ID.4 Pro S all-wheel drive.

"Can you read that to me, sis?" the amazed Skingsley asked.

She recalled her her sister reading the message, waving her arms and saying "congratulations."

Her run of luck continued afterwards, with Skingsley winning a six-month satellite radio subscription, that she gave to a son-in-law, and a three-month subscription to a fitness app that she gave to one of her daughter's friends.

"I'm like, oh my god, I won again." Skingsley laughed.

"Within a week, I just didn't win the car. I won other things as well."

Skingsley asked Gold Key Langley Volkswagen, which was going to serve as the delivery venue, if she could delay it so it could happen on a 17th. 

And so, on Monday, June 17, Skingsley picked up the brand-new metallic grey SUV with black roof, black and grey interior, and lots of options.

She thinks she will keep driving her beloved little 2006 Hyundai Elantra and put money aside from selling the VW for the day when she will need a replacement. It will also help with her two daughters' pending weddings, and it may be enough to help fund a family trip, Skingsley said.

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