LETTERS: Be intolerant of intolerance

Tolerating the intolerant can only lead to a society with no tolerance for others

Krittiya Sagaekhao – LSS Student Writer

Be intolerant of the intolerance:

Tolerating the intolerant can only lead to a society with no tolerance for others; the paradox of intolerance (Karl Popper).

A situation like bullying can only be described as intolerant and prejudice against people with different beliefs or structures. When you allow feelings like this to fester and grow, it hurts people senselessly. Is it not easy to come to the conclusion then, that bullying is intolerable? Many people have spoken out about bullying and aggression, but many more still keep quiet about it. The situation might stick in your mind for a few moments, but the consequences could haunt the victim for the rest of their life.

Scientists and many health organizations have revealed that bullying can harm the one who was being bullied AND the bully themselves. Psychological damage and poor performance in school can be consequences which affect the victims and the tormentors. Many people have fallen into depression and are adopting unhealthy coping habits. Some of these actions can lead to people to take their own life.

“What has that got to do with me?” you may ask. “I’m not the one who is bullying them!” What difference does it make when you let it happen? You might not be personally tormenting someone yourselves, however, being a bystander is just as bad as committing the act itself. Take a stand and tell someone. Bullying should not be allowed to happen.

Be intolerant of the intolerant.