(Black press file photo)

(Black press file photo)

LETTERS: There is hope for this school year

LSS student, Ally Segreto writes on how the school has responded to COVID-19


As a grade 12 student, I was already anxious about going back to school with university applications and other milestones quickly approaching. COVID-19 adds an extra layer of uncertainty. That is why I was pleasantly surprised by how well staff and students at Ladysmith Secondary School were able to kick off this year in a positive, safe way.

My friends and I had spent the summer wondering how this coming school year would go. We worried about how we would be able to stay safe while still enjoying our last year at LSS. Thankfully, when we returned, school seemed almost normal.

While it is not the same as before, LSS staff have tried their best to find alternative ways to do what we would do in a regular year. For example, our back to school assembly was replaced by a virtual meeting so that we would not all have to gather in the gym. Safety is a top priority, and all staff and students have been wearing masks in the hallways and common areas. Hand sanitizing stations have been installed around the school and are being frequently used.

Personally, I feel safe and hopeful at LSS, and am looking forward to seeing how this school year progresses. There will definitely be challenges, as this is something that is new to all of us, but I believe that we as a school community will be able to rise to the occasion.