Be a pirate at the Maritime Festival

Come down t' t' waterfore for plenty o' treaayes, games, food and fun durin' t' Maritime Festival... Got that?

Head to the Maritime Festival at the Ladysmith Maritime Society docks.

Head to the Maritime Festival at the Ladysmith Maritime Society docks.

Come down t’ t’ waterfore for plenty o’ treaayes, games, food and fun durin’ t’ Maritime Festival.

Roughly translated into English, from pirate speak, that means come down to the waterfront for plenty of treasures, games, food and fun during the Maritime Festival.

The festival is put on by the Ladysmith Maritime Society, and a plethora of organizations, businesses and volunteers. It is in its fifth year.

Pirates are a big theme to the event, on May 29 and 30, and everyone is encouraged to come in costume and mingle with other pirates.

The festival is held in and around the Ladysmith Expo building and the Maritime Society docks. The area is accessible to wheel chairs.

Once people arrive at the festival, the fun starts. There is a children’s zone, but parents need to stay with their children.

Better yet, the festival is free, aside from any purchases visitors may make from vendors. Visit the heritage museum.

There are also other heritage boats to see. Most of them are built of wood and built in the early 1900s.

In order to keep up with all the activities make sure you’re well fed. Eat some what crawled out o’ t’ bung hole (which means eat some lunch, more or less). There will be food vendors on site, so purchase some delicious fare.

Enjoy some music and wander around to see artwork and artists from the Ladysmith Art. There is also a purple martin display and camera aimed at the nest, so visitors can view what is happening.

Plenty o’ fun, and you don’t need t’ walk t’ plank.

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