Prostate Centre target $400,000

“Movember” men across the country support prostate cancer awareness

In the month of “Movember” men across the country support prostate cancer awareness, and on Vancouver Island, that awareness begins with Island Prostate Centre (IPC).

A local, independent non-profit that has supported island men and their families for the last fifteen years, the centre is using this year’s anniversary milestone as an opportunity to launch its largest annual campaign to date.

“We are well on our way to further building our capacity. We are adding more quality programs each year and have been inviting more donors to join us as we continue to support our men and their families on Vancouver Island,” said Leanne Kopp, Executive Director.

IPC is an important healthcare link, providing free programs and support to men and their families facing a prostate cancer diagnosis. Services include individual and group counselling, information, research support and local outreach, all made possible through fundraising efforts.

In celebration of 15 years serving its communities, IPC has set their annual campaign goal at an ambitious $400,000 – its largest yet.

“Currently, one in eight Vancouver Island men will be diagnosed with prostate cancer,” said IPC Board Chair, Murray Tough. As a son whose father passed away from prostate cancer, Tough is aware of the importance of a local and accessible support system for men and their families.

“Island Prostate Centre works as a trusted connection between family doctors, urologists and their patients, providing the expert information patients need to make informed decisions about their prostate health,” said Tough.

Since 2000, the Centre has helped over 82,000 local men and families in their journey through prostate cancer treatment.

“When we speak with our current and past patients, they continually express that the most important message they want to share is the importance of early detection,” said Kopp.

“We often find men are reluctant to talk about their health and in particular about their sexual health,” she added. “Our goal is to make sure men and their families can have the frank discussions they need to have while they are younger and get tested when the opportunity presents itself.”

To find out more about the programs and services offered by Island Prostate Centre or make a donation, visit: