What is important is not what Jesus has to say about your storm — Points to Ponder

Rev. KW Boyd Tremblett talks about how Jesus has control over the storm in his Points to Ponder column.

Matthew 14:27

“But immediately Jesus spoke to them and said, ‘Be of good cheer, it is I, don’t be afraid.’”

This story of Jesus walking on the water and calming the storm is probably the most famous of all of Jesus’ miracles. We look at the storm as a symbol of the problems and issues of life. They come upon us unexpectedly and make us feel like things are out of control.

But what I find significant about this storm was that it wasn’t life-threatening, but they weren’t getting anywhere. The Bible says they were straining at rowing. This means they were working hard, putting a lot of effort into it, yet not getting anywhere because the wind was against them.

Have you ever felt like that? Working so hard at life yet seeing no results? It always seems like something is against you, stopping you from progressing.

One day when I was reading this passage of scripture, I noticed something I never saw before. Jesus never spoke to the storm. He never acknowledged the waves or the boisterous winds. What He did do was speak to the Disciples. The storm was not a concern to Jesus; He was already walking on top of it. His concern was His disciples. And His first word to them was to reveal who He was. That’s what gave them peace in the midst of the storm.

Are you in a storm now? Something you can’t seem to overcome? What’s important is not what He has to say about your storm, but what He has to say to you. That’s the secret. He wants you to know Him and to know that He has control over the storm.