The Town of Ladysmith will hold a public hearing regarding proposed zoning at Churchill Place. (Chronicle photo)

The Town of Ladysmith will hold a public hearing regarding proposed zoning at Churchill Place. (Chronicle photo)

Town of Ladysmith to hold public hearing for housing project

A single affordable unit is included in plans

The Town of Ladysmith will hold a public hearing for proposed zoning amendments at 1260 Churchill Place, which would permit a mix of residential units and parkland. A single affordable housing unit is included in draft plans for the project.

The proposed zoning would permit about 27 multi-family units (apartments or townhouses) and 10 lots for single-family units. It would dedicate 0.33 hectares as park. Town staff said much of this area is unfit for development because of provincial stream regulations. The subdivision plan will also dedicate a road right of way, connecting Churchill Place to McKinley Road.

The property is currently owned by the town but will be sold for development and the new owner will be required by the town to designate either a multi-family or a single unit as affordable housing. The unit will have to be sold to “a qualified person for 30 per cent less than market value,” according to a town staff report, and at least one member of the household will have to be employed in Ladysmith. If it becomes a rental, it will have to be below market value.

Coun.Jeff Virtanen questioned why only one affordable housing unit is part of the plan and if there could be more.

Christina Hovey, the town’s senior planner said it is possible for council to give direction for more affordable units.

“I would kind of like to keep it at the one unit for affordable housing,” said Coun. Tricia McKay at council’s regular meeting on Oct. 5. “My feeling on it is that way are kind of delayed in selling this property and it would be great to get it rolling and I wouldn’t want anything to be standing further in the way of it.”

Mayor Aaron Stone commented that more encumbrances on the property could result in it being on the market longer. “I am supportive of the affordable housing lot, but I think that going back and sending bylaws that are fully prepared for further consideration would delay it,” he said.

Coun. Duck Paterson said he does not envision overly expensive homes on the property, as they do not have a view and will not be on large lots.

The town carried first and second readings to amend the zoning and will hold a public hearing on Nov. 2, prior to third reading and adoption.

Editors note: This story was updated on Oct. 15 to correct a misattribution. The writer attributed a question of why there is only one affordable unit included in the development to Coun. Rob Johnson, when in fact the question was raised by Coun. Jeff Virtanen.



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