Christy Clark

Christy Clark

Christy Clark stops in Ladysmith

B.C. Liberal leadership candidate Christy Clark stopped in Ladysmith during a seven-town tour to talk about local issues and the future of the party.

Clark, a former cabinet minister and talk-show radio host, said she has three reasons for running for leadership, including the needs of families, her people skills and keeping the province economically strong.

“B.C. shouldn’t be a place people have to leave,” she said, remarking on people leaving because of a lack of work.

“We need to keep B.C. strong.”

Clark focussed on families during her stop in Ladysmith.

“The most important part of our community is families,” she told the audience of about 30 people at the Printingdun Beanery.

“It’s what holds you together, your support system.”

Clark said Ladysmith made her list of stops because it’s a fast growing community and “one of B.C’s greatest family communities.”

“Every vote is going to count and Ladysmith matters as much as anywhere else,” she said.

Jane Lang of Ladysmith attended the event with her husband.

“She’s perfectly believable,” Lang said of Clark. “I’m happy with her.”

Lang said he and her husband wanted to see what Clark had to say.

“We pretty much had decided on her before we came, though,” she said.

Clark’s visit to Ladysmith was brief, but she did manage to answer questions, pledging a review on school funding, a possible statutory holiday in February and the growth in the tourism industry.

According to an Ipsos Reid online survey, Clark is the favoured candidate of the race.

Her main rivals are George Abbott and Kevin Falcon.

“It’s going to be a tough campaign,” Clark said.

“I’d be proud to lead you into the next election.”

Clark was at the Printingdun Beanery on First Avenue at 11:30 a.m. Thursday, Jan. 27.