Beware of scam artists

Beware of scam artists

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Students Helping Seniors Program is only in effect until Aug. 25

The Seniors Office of the Ladysmith Resources Centre Association would like to remind you that the Students Helping Seniors Program is only in effect until  Aug. 25. You can call Sophia, the coordinator, at 250-245-3079 for more information or to make an appointment for help in the yard or home.

Please be aware, there are many Scams going on out there. One of the latest is a phone call from a person claiming to be with Revenue Canada, who says they will send the police to arrest you unless you pay what you owe them. If you receive any phone calls from anyone you are not familiar with, do not send money or give any personal information.  Seniors have lost thousands of dollars to these scams, so please be careful. You can always call the police and report scams.

I have booked the Roadmasters Safety group for Oct. 15 to come and talk to Seniors regarding Driving Information for Seniors. I will give you more information in the September article or you can phone Barb at 250-245-3079.

Sharen Newton – Seniors’ Office