Liberal leadership contender

Liberal leadership contender

Clark pushes family time in Ladysmith

  • Feb. 21, 2011 7:00 a.m.

While many Canadians were enjoying a day off — British Columbians spent the day at the grindstone.

But if Liberal premier hopeful Christy Clark has her way, the third Monday in February will be a statutory holiday for West Coast residents.

“111 days is a long time for people to not have a break,” Clark said during a visit to the Ladysmith/Nanaimo area.

Clark was at the Gryphon’s Lair at Cedar Road and the Trans Canada Hwy. on Feb. 21, for an afternoon meet and greet with Liberal party members, just six days before the leadership vote.

One of Clark’s main focusses is on families, including a proposed Family Day and tax breaks.

“Families cannot afford it if we don’t win this election,” she said.

Opponents to Family Day are concerned about the economic toll it could take on businesses in the province.

Clark said she recognizes it may cost many businesses revenue, but there will be a year to mitigate these concerns.

“A lot of businesses really like Family Day” she said. “Families are going to be out there doing things, spending money.”

Clark told the 30 to 40 people in the room she is interested in looking at tax breaks for families with children enrolled in sport and art activities.

“The tax system penalizes families and I’d like to take a look at that.”

Along with the tax breaks, she said the province needs to raise minimum wage and increase take home pay.

The BC Liberal party votes for the party premier, Saturday, Feb. 26.