Firearms taken during home robbery

Break and Enter:

  • Jan. 17, 2011 4:00 p.m.

Break and Enter:

Six firearms were taken when a residence was broken into in the 3,800 block of Gardner Road West on Jan. 4. The upstairs balcony door was pried open and a safe was broken into. The firearms stolen included two Abiline Centennial rifles, a .22 semi-automatic and a 183 KA. Several men’s watches, a Kenwood radio, a Motorola radio, a Royal Doulton figurine and a lady’s necklace were also taken.

 A laptop was stolen during a break and enter in the 1,100 block of Second Ave on Jan. 5. Entry was gained through a window.

Vehicle Thefts:

 A green Honda stolen from a residence in the 13,000 block of Thomas Road was found at the end of Ivy Road with the engine and hazard lights running on Jan 5. The car was left there for three hours before police attended. The vehicle was on a high mound of dirt and the stereo had been pulled out.

 A Sahara Jeep Liberty was reported stolen from a driveway of a residence on Ivy Road in Ladysmith on Jan. 5. The vehicle was last seen parked at 5 p.m. on Jan. 4 and discovered missing at 6 a.m. the following morning. Police believe there’s a possibility the vehicle keys were taken from inside the residence. The vehicle was recovered near Christie Road on Jan. 6.

Possession of Stolen Property:

 A man was arrested on Westdowne Road for possession of stolen property on Jan. 5. The man had a scooter that was stolen. He was on conditions to not be in the community of Ladysmith. Two charges are being recommended to the Crown.


Approximately $8,000 worth of commercial fishing gear was stolen from a boat on Jan. 7. The gear included a commercial shrimp drag, 1,800 feet of tow line and lead centre weights.

 Golf clubs were stolen overnight Jan. 10 from a vehicle parked on Walker Avenue.

Motor Vehicle Incidents:

 Three vehicles were involved in a motor vehicle incident when they hit the barricades on the Trans Canada Highway near the Ivy Green Husky on Jan. 8. A large patch of ice on the road was causing vehicles to drive off the road.

 A driver lost control on the Trans Canada near Edgelow Road on Jan. 9. The driver slid into the right barricade. Weather was a factor.

 A driver lost control driving into Ladysmith on First Avenue on Jan. 9. The driver slid into a tree, causing moderate damage.

 A hit and run was reported Jan. 9 after a vehicle was rear-ended by a black car near Porter’s farm on the Trans Canada Highway. The car drove off leaving minor damage to the bumper. Witnesses did get a partial licence plate number.


A trailer fire on Cedar Road and the Trans Canada Highway received complaints on Jan. 8. North Oyster Fire Rescue responded to the call and found a mattress on the floor of the trailer on fire. The trailer was parked at the location for the past month. Attempts are still being made to locate the property owner.