Get on the Big Bike June 2

The annual Big Bike event is taking place in Ladysmith to raise funds for the Heart and Stroke Foundation Monday, June 2.

  • May. 26, 2014 2:00 p.m.

The annual Big Bike event is taking place in Ladysmith again this June, as a variety of teams look to raise funds for the Heart and Stroke Foundation.

The bike is Canada’s only one that has a whopping 30 seats on it, and various teams will get together and ride the bike along a two-kilometre route beginning at Aggie Hall Monday, June 2.

So far, six teams from Ladysmith have registered to take on the bike challenge, and Paul Mycroft is organizing a team from the Ladysmith Downtown Business Association (LDBA) called The Outrageous Crusaders.

“The goal is to raise as much funds as we can for the Heart and Stroke Foundation, and each rider has to raise a minimum of $50,” he said. “The heart is the key to everything, so it’s an important cause.”

Mycroft will lead his team into the challenge with at least 15 riders.

“I do it because my mom passed away 12 years ago from a heart attack and we think she has high cholesterol that was not checked, so I do it in honour of her really,” he said. “It’s a really great time and a half hour to an hour of fun. You really feel part of the community, and it’s great to raise money for a really good cause.”

Mycroft also says the event is excellent for team bonding and improving relationships within different organizations around town.

“Our strength at the LDBA is that we are all familiar with and all like each other,” he said. “But we are all business owners and there isn’t a regular opportunity for us all to get together. This is a great exercise and gets us all together doing something that isn’t business-related. We all have a really good laugh.”

As well as Mycroft’s team, another five teams have registered from Ladysmith, including a group from 49th Parallel Grocery, the Town of Ladysmith, Curves, Royal Bank of Canada, and Royal LePage.

Last year, Ladysmith’s Big Bike raised more than $6,800, and Ladysmith has raised well over $120,000 since the Big Bike’s community debut back in 2001.

“This fun, team-building event is a great opportunity to increase employee morale and your organization’s visibility in the community and all for a good cause” Jami Christie, special events co-ordinator of the Vancouver Island area office of the Heart and Stroke Foundation, said in a press release. “Events like Big Bike allow the Foundation to continue funding world-class heart disease and stroke research, advocacy, and health promotion that is improving the lives of all Canadians. We’re helping give Canadians longer, fuller, healthier lives.”

The Heart and Stroke Foundation is a volunteer-based charity looking into research and prevention of heart disease and strokes.

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