Green Good Cents tins now out

Good Cents for Change is raising money to bring life skills to children in Zambia.

Good Cents for Change wants to thank the people of Ladysmith, Cowichan and Victoria for their kindness in supporting their life-changing cause in the past year and encourage them to continue helping teens in Zambia.

This year, the Ladysmith-based non-profit charity has been able to set up five young women with their own sewing machines, accoutrements and material to start their own tailoring businesses.

Two of the young women are deaf mutes and one is physically handicapped, according to a press release.

“They have been trained in tailoring for a year by our charity and now have the skills and confidence to go it alone,” it states.

In April, Good Cents for Change held a successful fundraising Ladies’ Spring High Tea at St John’s Anglican Church.

“It was a fun time for all, with ladies arriving in beautiful spring hats to enjoy a variety of dainties placed before them,” according to the press release. “Lorrain Jordan gave a short talk about Zambia and showed some of the work the charity has accomplished in the three years since its conception. A silent auction and door prizes completed the afternoon.”

This November, Lorrain Jordan is travelling to Zambia to bring even more life skills to the children. The girls will be taught how to quilt, and Jordan is hoping to create a carpentry program for the boys in Kalingalinga.

Another neighbourhood in Kamaga has asked if Good Cents for Change can help them to set up an additional tailoring group there.

“The needs are great in Zambia,” states the press release. “With the help and support of Ladysmith citizens, we are able to train more children.

“We want to publicly give you credit for the difference you are making in young lives in Zambia. All the money that is donated goes to support these children, and it always warms our hearts to receive photos of them using their new skills. They are also very appreciative of the funds they have received from Ladysmith residents for our bursary program, which helps them to establish their own businesses.”

Every person donating to this cause receives a photo and information about the person he or she has helped.

“Small home-grown programs like ours can be more effective than we could ever imagine in third-world countries,” states Good Cents for Change.

Ladysmith residents have another opportunity to support Good Cents for Change, as the charity’s green donation tins will once again appear in local stores in Ladysmith this month.