Harper was defeated; what about Harperism?

Did the ideals of ‘Harperism’ go down with their founder too?

A lot of people, especially from the left side of the bleachers, celebrated when Stephen Harper and the Conservative government went down to defeat.

But Donald Gutstein, an adjunct professor at Simon Fraser University’s School of Communication, will be offering his views on what the defeat of Harper really means in a presentation to the 14th Annual Joseph Mairs Memorial at St. Mary’s Catholic Church Hall Jan. 24 at 1 p.m..

He will ask: Did the ideals of ‘Harperism’ go down with their founder too?

Gutstein’s recent book, ‘Harperism’ explains the fundamental transformations which occurred during Stephen Harper’s years as prime minister.

Joseph Mairs was a coal miner who died at Oakalla Prison Farm Jan. 20, 1914. He had been serving a 16 month sentence after having been arrested during the bitter coal miners’ strike, which started at the Extension Colliery at Ladysmith in Sept. 1912.

St. Mary’s Church is located at 1135 Fourth Avenue, Ladysmith.