Cindy Savory

Cindy Savory

Island dog earns competition spot in prestigious Westminster show

NANAIMO - Miss Andie, a Newfoundland, considered one of Top 5 dogs in her breed in the world.

An award-winning female Newfoundland dog from Ladysmith is flying to New York to compete in one of the U.S.’s most prestigious dog shows.

Miss Andie, a 2.5 year old female Newfoundland, owned by Nanaimo Kennel Club members Doug and Cindy Savory of Ladysmith, is known locally for her appearances in parades, often pulling a little cart, but she’s also one of the top stars in international dog show competitions.

Miss Andie will compete in the 141st Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show in New York Tuesday (Feb. 14).

Only the top Top 5 in their breeds from across U.S. competitions get to show in the invitation-only event. Miss Andie earned that distinction in October when she won Best of Show, competing against 1,400 dogs of all breeds at the Sacramento Valley Dog Fanciers Association competition in Dixon, Calif.

“At the end of October she was the number two Newfoundland and number one female in the U.S.,” said Cindy Savory.

The Savorys have owned Newfoundlands since the 1980s and started showing dogs about 15 years ago.

Miss Andie was bred by Joan Casler of Cobble Hill. Savory wanted a male, but Casler told her she should take Miss Andie, suggesting Savory take her for ‘just a little while.’

“We’d take her for a month or so and give her back,” Savory said. But the breeder said Miss Andie was getting ‘beat up’ by the other dogs.The exchanges went on until Andie was six months old.

“Doug said, ‘That’s it. She’s not going back this time,” Savory said.

Miss Andie has always been shown by her handler, Guillermo Fano who is travelling with her and the Savorys to New York.

“The two of them are what really stand out in the show ring,” Savory said.

Miss Andie and Fano show at 6 a.m. (Pacific ) Tuesday at Madison Square Gardens. To watch the show online, download the Westminster dog show app.