Ladysmith and District Credit Union making fitness fun for its employees

Starting April 23, staff at the Ladysmith and District Credit Union are participating in a walk week to get active and get to know the town.

Beginning April 23

Beginning April 23

The Health and Safety Committee at the Ladysmith and District Credit Union is looking to put a little more fun into fitness for  its employees — and is challenging other local businesses to do the same.

During the week of April 23, credit union employees will get the chance to participate in “walk week,” where the staff can form teams of two to three people and follow one of two separate “information” scavenger hunts.

The hunts have been designed to be 20-30 minutes in length so they can be completed during a lunch hour. Prizes will be given to teams who complete both walks within the one-week period.

“It’s certainly not mandatory for them to do it; it’s just something we are hoping will encourage them to get out there and enjoy the nice weather and enjoy getting to know the town again,” said committee chair Kim Judson, who is also manager of human resources. “It’s to promote teamwork as well as wellness.”

Starting from the LDCU office on First Avenue, the employees will be given 20 clues about how to get through the walk and will be asked to provide information from the specified landmarks. One route travels through town, while the other winds down towards Transfer Beach.

The Health and Safety Committee first tested the idea by going for a walk themselves.

“We just started walking in a general direction and started writing down clues about things we saw along the way and formulated that into fun scavenger type of questions,” Judson said.

Judson said she is  hoping walk week will also help boost camaraderie at the branch, and possibly others who choose to hold their own walk week.

“Promoting fun within the work day is probably the biggest thing that would be beneficial to everybody,” she said. “Certainly, if we can inspire anybody else to get out there and do some walks during their lunch hours and get reacquainted with the town, that would be awesome.”