Ladysmith council receives mixed reviews on work of snow plows

Some residents complain to council of snow being left in handicap parking spaces, although others praise the work of the plows.

Ladysmith council has received mixed complaints via verbal communication about the work of snow plows in recent wintry weather.

Some residents have complained to council members of snow being left in designated parking spaces around town; whereas, many residents have also praised the work of the snow plows.

At last Monday’s Municipal Services Committee meeting, held at City Hall, Coun. Glenda Patterson instigated a discussion on snow plows following feedback from the public.

“I’ve had more than one complaint about the handicapped zones being blocked off with snow,” said Patterson. “At one time, we used to take all the snow down to the beach. People have been saying as well that some of the curbs have been broken and that’s believed to have been done by the snow plows.”

City manager Ruth Malli stated that similar issues have been brought to City Hall, and views will be taken into consideration.

“There was a second snowfall expected on one of the days so that’s why it wasn’t cleaned,” said Malli.

Mayor Rob Hutchins chose to look on the bright side.

“I’ve received nothing but accolades, and people can’t believe how quickly the snow plows get the work done,” he said. “They’ll always be people that complain.”

Coun. Gord Horth agreed.

“I work in Victoria and people constantly ask me how are crews do it. They really are the best,” said Horth.

Coun. Duck Paterson ended by concluding that Ladysmith’s snow plows “should be giving M’Con Products a lesson on how the highways.”