Ladysmith council to hold public input sessions

  • Mar. 14, 2011 4:00 p.m.

Council is looking into setting up a public input session before meetings.At its last government services committee meeting, Feb. 21, the committee suggested council look into establishing and coming up with terms of reference for public input before meetings.The move comes after new guidelines for question period following council raised some concerns from members of the public.A committee of Coun. Steve Arnett and Coun. Scott Bastian will be putting together the guidelines and terms of reference for the input session.Arnett is pleased to see a new public session plan put in motion.He said while he doesn’t think the council question period has changed substantially with the adoption of the new guidelines, he welcomes having a forum for residents.The new public input session would give people the chance to ask a question not on the agenda or follow up on an issue.“I do believe people should be able to follow an issue through.”But Arnett said he still values a well-run meeting.“We have to get the business done, but we have to have an open process,” said Arnett.“You have to manage it as opposed to control it,” said Arnett.Arnett said they are getting ready to draft the terms of reference and will be seeking pubic input on how they are formed.“We’ll be doing that so we can hear from both, or 15 sides of the argument,” said Arnett.The committee will be looking at protocols and procedures used in other municipalities to look at what other practices might be incorporated here.