Ladysmith enacts code of conduct policy for its facilities

The A to Z of minding your Ps and Qs will soon be posted for all to see

The A to Z of minding your Ps and Qs will soon be posted for all to see on the walls recreation facilities operated by the Town of Ladysmith.

At it’s June 1 meeting Ladysmith Council passed an Appropriate Behaviour Policy and Code of Conduct. The code ends with the stern warning that failure to comply “may result in your immediate expulsion from this facility and/or limitations on your ability to enjoy its use.”

Above that will be the code of conduct, which states:

• I am responsible for and will control my actions at all times or I will leave the facility

• I will treat all others and this facility with respect

• I will interact in this facility in a safe and courteous manner.

What will constitute inappropriate behaviour? The policy is aimed at those who: violate facility rules; engage in inappropriate, abusive, undesirable or dangerous behaviour; conduct solicitation for personal or business gain; contravene a Town of Ladysmith bylaw or commit criminal acts on Town of Ladysmith property.”

Individuals or groups ignoring the code of conduct will be asked to stop, and if they don’t, they will be escorted from the facility and an ‘incident report’ will be filed and submitted to the Director of Parks and Recreation.

“Facility, reception, program and maintenance staff have the ability to temporarily suspend access,” the procedure document states. “Longer suspensions must be authorized by the Director.”