Ladysmith petition pushing for pooch park

Linda Brown wants a place for her dog to run — unimpeded by people or traffic.“They need to run where there are no children or little dogs,” she said.Brown is circulating a petition around Ladysmith at local businesses trying to drum up some support for a fenced dog park.She said she got the idea from Duncan’s park.“We go to Duncan to shop and we’ve taken Penny, our dog, there,” she said. “She needs to run.”Brown said Penny so enjoyed running in the fenced Duncan park she thought it would be a great addition to the Ladysmith landscape.“I just thought this was ideal.”Brown said the park should be on half an acre, have benches, a covered area, water source and a community bulletin board.Penelope Laycock, from Ladysmith and an avid supporter of a dog park, wrote in a letter to The Chronicle an council that she would like to see the park larger than a half acre.She would like to see an area of two acres reserved.Brown said most importantly she would like to see the park divided into two — one side for big dogs and the other side for their petite, four-legged friends.“A smaller area for small dogs means no danger,” she said.Safety is a concern for her.“I’ve seen people be knocked down by big dogs and run into little dogs.”She said the Transfer Beach off-leash park is not very practical for dogs.“A fenced facility is needed as many seniors have mobility problems and cannot walk dogs long distances.”She said she thinks the end of Transfer Beach near the tunnel could be an ideal place for the park or the end of Fourth Avenue where the new turf field was built.Her petition has 200 names so far and she has been rallying supporters to e-mail mayor and council.The issue was on the agenda for the Government Services meeting, Monday, March 21.Brown said she is hopeful that a park like this would draw more people into town.“If we had a sign on the highway, tourists would use the park,” she said. “There’s a benefit to Ladysmith.”