Ladysmith police briefs – Copper wire taken

Information provided by Ladysmith RCMP

  • May. 30, 2011 12:00 p.m.

There were a total of 80 calls for service over this period of time. To date, 1,540 incidents have been reported to the detachment (1,589 for the same period in 2010).May 17 Approximately $500 in diesel was stolen from the VIU heavy equipment training site on Timberlands Road. The 12 machines involved had diesel siphoned from their reservoir. Police say high gasoline prices are fueling these types of incidents.May 18  Prescription drugs were the only items taken during a B&E of an unlocked residence on Filipana Road between May 9 and May 16. May 19  Three incidents of theft took place on Walkem Road: 1. A Garmin GPS with beanbag base and adaptor (valued at $450) was stolen from a locked vehicle parked in a driveway. 2. A culprit(s) cut through the soft top on a locked vehicle and stole a Tom Tom GPS with base and adaptor. Damage to vehicle is estimated at $400.3. The third incident was reported at the same location. Sometime overnight culprit(s) entered the victim’s unlocked vehicle parked in her drive and stole $200 and a Fuji camera worth $250. Forensic Identification Section attended to examine the vehicles. A call was received of a female who was overdosing on heroin, A female was found in the fetal position in the kitchen and had left some items burning on the stove. There was drugs and drug paraphernalia on the kitchen counter. The female was breaching her Conditional Sentence  by being in possession of drugs. The female was arrested and transported to the detachment. More drugs were located in the back seat of the police vehicle after the arrest.  May 20    RCMP seized a large knife, a loaded flare gun, and a black baseball bat from an unsecured vehicle parked on First Avenue with the keys in the ignition. The RCMP member who investigated the vehicle also found a three-quarter full can of liquor in the drivers area that was still cold. The knife was in a sheath on the inside of the drivers door; the black flare gun was tucked under the dash near the hood release; and the bat was taped in the box of the pickup. The vehicle was secured and left parked.May 21   A blue GMC truck that was reported stolen near Shell Beach and Silverstrand Roads was later found on the north side of Brenton Page Rd. about 500 meters from the TCH with severe frontal damage. The owner told police that he had been at a party with a lot of people that he did not know. May 23    Hundreds of feet of copper wiring was stolen from a rock crusher at the Porter Farm in Ladysmith. The theft happened sometime between 5 p.m. May 20 when the last machine was shut down and 6 p.m. May 23 when the cut cables were discovered. Police say the wire, which is valued at about $5,000 to $10,000 scrap value ($45,000 replacement value), was likely cut with a sharp knife, not wire cutters.