Ladysmith Police Briefs — Rock thrown at car

Information provided by Ladysmith RCMP

  • Jun. 27, 2011 4:00 p.m.

There were a total of 70 calls for service over this period of time. To date, 1,898 incidents have been reported to the detachment (1,991 for the same period in 2010).

Wednesday, June 15

An 18-speed, Ritchey Shamano mountain bike valued at $1,100 was stolen from outside of a residence by the back door in the 5100 block of Christie Road.


Thursday, June 16

A male was arrested for mischief after he broke a vehicle’s windows at Campers Corner. Charges have also been recommended for Uttering Threats and for a breach of an Undertaking.

A 16-ft. aluminum boat and a new 25 HP Yamaha outboard were stolen overnight in the 900 block of Ludlow Road.


Friday, June 17

A single MVI was reported off Spruston Rd.  Five young people had been camping and were making their way back to their last day at school when the driver missed the sharp left turn on Spruston Road and entered the unsigned road immediately after Galloway Road. The vehicle hit the soft shoulder on the right side. When he attempted to correct, the vehicle tipped over to the driver side and rolled on its roof coming to a stop. All youth were wearing seat belts and suffered no injuries. The driver was charged under the Motor Vehicle Act for several offences.

A compressor was taken in the 400 block of Baden Powell Road. The owner reported that he was loading his vehicle for work and momentarily left the blue compressor near the roadway. An individual in an older model white pickup truck with a wide blue stripe on side pulled up and a male, approximately 40 years old, grabbed the compressor and left. The compressor was missing the air filter and had a handle on the top.

Sunday, June 19


A resident on Spruston Road was taken by surprise after observing a male driving on his property in a pickup truck with his compressor and plastic boats in the back. The male stopped for him and stated that he was told to come and pick them up. The owner attempted to get the male to stay on the property but he took off in the vehicle. The vehicle is described as a small black mid-2000’s pickup. Approx. $700 worth of items were stolen. The investigation is continuing.

A couple were driving home up Strathcona Road when an older male with a dog walked out in front of them. They slowed down and the male came at them and chucked a rock at their car. The driver got out of his car to see what the problem was. The unknown male them came towards him and started to hit his car with an umbrella. The male was not identified.


Monday, June 20

The RCMP responded to a report of suspicious activity at Timberlands gravel pit. Members observed a white car turn onto Cameron Rd. A member activated his lights to stop the vehicle, but it did not stop and accelerated.  The lights were turned off and the vehicle was later located on Takala Rd, in an accident with no one around it. A search of the area was conducted for the driver who later appeared on the road uninjured. The male was taken by EHS to the hospital for the bump on his head. Police found a firearm in the passenger seat with a knife and flood light.

Three hit and runs were reported from the 600 block of Delcourt Avenue, the 700 block of 3rd Avenue and the 300 block of the TCH.