Ladysmith Police Briefs – Windows smashed at party

Provided by Ladysmith RCMP

  • Jun. 20, 2011 1:00 p.m.

There were a total of 76 calls for service over this period of time. To date, 1,814 incidents have been reported to the detachment (1900 for the same period in 2010).


Monday, June 7


A vehicle was heavily vandalized in the 600 block of Third Avenue overnight. The culprit(s) dumped flour on the outside of the vehicle and applied paint or marker all over the windows. Nails were purposely placed behind each of the front tires.


Wednesday, June 9


A grey Rubbermaid container full of window washing items was stolen  in the 400 block of First Ave.


Thursday, June 10


An unlocked vehicle was broken into on the corner of Third Ave. and White. The culprit stole a backpack, a driver’s licence, a passport, and an Acer Aspire laptop.


A local resident on White Street was woken from his sleep around 3 a.m. to find a young male stealing from his pickup. Police say the owner looked out the window and observed a young male wearing a dark black/blue hoodie, pulled up over his face, looking through his truck. The male had a bike and escaped towards the highway going south.  Missing from the victim’s truck was debit cards, credit cards, an RBC cheque book, Air Miles card, and $40 cash.


A vehicle parked outside in the 200 block of Jamison Road was broken into overnight. No damage was done and the only thing missing was approximately $10 in change.


A thief used a yellow screwdriver to break into a truck in the 200 block of White Street overnight. A small quantity of change had been stolen from the ash tray. The truck had been parked in the alley, both doors were locked and all keys were accounted for.  The screwdriver was found on the driver-side seat.


Half a tank of gas was siphoned from a vehicle in the 800 block of Malone Road between the hours of 11 p.m. and 5 a.m.


Sunday, June 12


The RCMP were called out to a report of a group of males yelling at the corner of Walkem Road and Cloke Road. Four males were located standing on Cloke Road. One person was visibly intoxicated and the group stated that they were walking the individual to his residence which was north of their location. Police allowed the group to continue but moments later found the intoxicated individual walking alone south of the location and staggering along the roadway. The man was initially non-compliant as he was arrested for being drunk in public. The male was lodged in cells until he sobered up.


At 2 a.m., the RCMP received a report of a party in the bush behind Timberlands Rd. Individuals were throwing rocks and smashing windows out of vehicles. The RCMP attended and a female driver exited the vehicle hysterically crying with blood on her face. The female explained that she had been sleeping in the driver seat when someone had smashed the windshield with a rock. The resulting glass shattering had cut her face slightly. The female was later checked out by EHS and deemed OK.  Member proceeded further down the road and found more teens with more vehicles that had been damaged. RCMP learned that some other people had shown up at the party and students from a Nanaimo School started throwing bottles at them, they threw gravel back and it escalated to throwing large rocks and smashing windows. Five vehicles had to be towed from the area. The investigation is continuing with liquor playing a significant factor.


The RCMP set up a road block on Timberlands Rd. while police were investigating a major fight/mischief complaint. A driver smelled of alcohol and had a pale face. After failing two tests, an IRP was issued for 90 days and the vehicle was impounded for 30 days.


The RCMP are still investigating two vehicle crash at Oyster Sto-lo Road and the Trans-Canada. An individual was turning left onto the highway from Oyster Sto-lo Road. The driver had a green light and was coming from the Husky Gas station side of the road. A second driver was driving north on the Trans-Canada and did not stop for the red light. Two passengers were injured and taken to hospital. Both vehicles suffered extensive damage and were towed.


A group of four males aged 18-20 stole a table from the McDonald’s at Coronation Mall. According to the manager, the men had been in the restaurant during the last hour of business for 20 minutes when a dark truck with a white canopy backed up to the side door. One male in a striped shirt came in and walked out with the table.


Monday, June 13


A male reported that someone had kicked the window out of his car at Campers Corner. The suspect fled the area before police arrived.