Meet Ladysmith council candidate Cal (Butch) Fradin

Town of Ladysmith: Fradin, Cal - Council Candidate

Cal Fradin

Cal Fradin

Name: Cal “Butch” Fradin

Occupation: Retired Engineering Technician with the Ministry of Transportation and Highways and Infrastructure

Background: I have lived in Ladysmith for over 45 year and am recently retired from government. I acted as the technical lead on various residential and commercial developments within and outside municipal boundaries, ensuring current government acts and regulations were met. Ensured that road and drainage infrastructures were constructed and completed to good engineering standards and practices. Identified geotechnical and flooding hazards,and environmental protection warrants were addressed and ensured registration of necessary covenants were secured to protect and ensure public safety. I possess a strong engineering technical background and the ability to provide sound engineering solutions to complex and time sensitive developments and construction projects. My career enables me to effectively communicate and consult with local, provincial, federal governments, First Nations, stakeholders and the general public to address and seek out options on numerous complex and time sensitive developments and projects.

I live in Ladysmith because I cherish the small town life style and the people that live here.

Why are you running for public office?

I am running for council because I feel that it is time for a change and believe that the community is wanting change.

What are your top three issues and how do you plan to tackle these issues, if elected?

1. The upgrading of our current infrastructure such as roads, water and sewer and aging fire hall within the current urban containment boundary first prior to any expansion.Expansion opportunities will always be available, lets build up what we already have first to create a community that we will be proud of and encourage others to want to live and become part of our community.

2. Promoting and developing a vibrant and productive down town core. Promote a business friendly environment to encourage both local and global investment in our community.

3. Less frivolous spending on studies! We don’t need others telling us how things should be done for the benefit of our town. Our town staff should be more proactive in moving developments/projects forward in order to promote a forward thinking and progressive situation for business people and to show that we are a business/development friendly community. This will encourage investment and people to live in our town.

What does your ideal Ladysmith look like?

My ideal Ladysmith is a vibrant, forward thinking and moving community both economically and socially.

How do you plan to manage taxes and spending?

Review present staff management levels and wages and bring them in line with communities our size and tax base to ensure that the tax payers of Ladysmith are receiving the best service and production for their tax dollar investment. Encourage light industrial development in the Thicke and Rocky Creek road areas in order to develop a sustainable tax base in the use of these lands.

What are your thoughts on development and growth in Ladysmith?

My thoughts on development and growth in Ladysmith: Let’s find out why developments are not moving forward and instead, be more proactive with the development community, entrepreneurs and others to attract investment to our town in order to move forward both locally and globally.

What do you think it takes to lead Ladysmith?

Strong forward thinking leadership with a vision for the future! Promote solid proven solutions to problems and issues, to streamline difficult decisions for the better of the community and its citizens. We must respect and care about the town and the needs and wants of its citizens.

How many council meetings have you attended in the last six months?

I have attended seven council meetings in the last six months.