Nanaimo man pleads guilty to sex offences on children

A Nanaimo man will serve a community sentence for sexually assaulting four girls.

A Nanaimo man will serve a community sentence for sexually assaulting four girls.

Gary Alan McIntyre pleaded guilty to four counts of sexual assault on Wednesday and received a conditional sentence of two years less a day and three years probation.

He is also prohibited from going anywhere it is reasonably expected children under the age of 16 would congregate, he cannot be in the company of a child without the presence of a parent or guardian and he must submit a DNA sample, along with a number of other conditions.

McIntyre was arrested about a year ago, but police stated the case first came to their attention in September 2010, when someone came forward and said her daughter was sexually assaulted by McIntyre.

Clint Sadlemyer, McIntyre’s lawyer, said Wednesday’s plea was the result of months of negotiation between the Crown, himself and his client.

“He’s done those things that society would want him to do so he doesn’t reoffend again,” Sadlemyer said.

McIntyre is attending 12-step meetings and an intensive counselling program for sex offenders, said Sadlemyer.

He was also given a positive evaluation by a reputable psychiatrist, Sadlemyer added.

Crown counsel Jackie Gaudet said the sentence gives the optimal amount of rehabilitation while preventing the four children involved from having to take the stand.

“He’s under house arrest and numerous conditions concerning his ongoing treatment as a sex offender,” she said.

The charges involved sexual touching, which took place at McIntyre’s former residence. If there had been intercourse involved, the Crown would not have agreed to a conditional sentence, Gaudet said.